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The History

My biography

My name Julián Felipe Villanueva Reyes .,

I have 16 years old, born on december 08, 1997, in hospitalSan Rafael hospital, I am of average height I am strong. .

It´s is my family He is My Father Harold Edwardo Villanueva Rincon, She is Adriana MAria Reyes Ortegon, is my mother, my sister is Mayra Alejandra Villanueva Reyes and my mascot, he is Martino

He live on the neighborhood betania campestre house 2 block with parents.

My favorite food are the cold cake .

My favorite sport is athletic .


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My best friend is Natalia oyuela

I want to study Journalism

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I will study in the university of tolima of ibagué

He afraid to serpent.

My pet is Martino.

Listing my social network facebook

Where I want to live .

My girlfriend .

This is my room .

Photo with Trushy .

Group of my friend in the classroom.

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